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12 Days Plant Spirit Retreat (Aug 13-24, 2021)

Re-connect to the plant kingdom and remember your connection to the spirit of plants. They are here to assist you in raising your body’s vibration into wellness.

We will study plant medicine for different ailments, Walk the land and connect with plants. Meditation and contemplation on different body imbalances.

We will walk the land and observe, listen and connect to the plants and allow them to ignite your heart.

You will experience that Shipibo tradition in ceremony

You will be introduced to plant baths, vapor baths, smudging, and flower baths; all important tools to keep your physical, mental and emotional bodies in good health.

12 days in nature, 11 nights and 5 Grandmother ceremonies with an optional one.

You will be fed plant base meals everyday.

This Event cost is $2450. See the Event calendar for more information

Deposit to reserve a seat is $450.00, remainder ($2000) payable by July 13  2021. Payment plan can be accommodated before your retreat.

There are 12 seats available to this retreat

Apply here:

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