About Maestra Laynah

The Story

Maestra Apprenticeship in Peru

Her apprenticeship in Peru (2016 & 2019) brought forward new medicine to heal the soul and spirit. The Shipibo Shaman believe that all illness can be resolved. They hold ancient wisdom about plant spirit medicine. Grateful for this humbling honor to study the Shamanic practices of the Shipibo culture, Maestra Laynah has become an intuitive healer, bridging the gap between humans and plant spirit medicine. 

Singing Icaros in sacred ceremonies raises a person’s vibration to the level of plant spirit medicine. Agreeing to meet powerful plant medicines halfway, the plants also meet us and assist in balancing the energetic fields. Plant spirit medicines have been singing their healing melodies, sharing their wisdom and gifts with those who can hear them for generations.  Maestra Laynah is here to guide you in the process so you may also raise your vibration into wellness.

To heal at all levels, it is as important to feed the human form with live foods as it is to work with spirit and emotions. The wealth of knowledge and life experience that Maestra Laynah brings forth makes her a very understanding practitioner. She has herself battled with many personal issues at different stages of life. These personal experiences are invaluable in her teachings towards reclaiming your optimal health and returning to your wellness. In today’s fast paced society, you can rely on Maestra Laynah's judgement for guidance, a leader of rare wisdom.

Maestra Laynah's message to her clients is to be willing to journey within, listen to the body’s messages, and pay attention to the energies that are out of balance, including emotions. Stop giving away your power to someone else to fix you

YOU have the POWER to restore homeostasis in YOUR body. 

Work with Maestra Laynah as she guides you towards achieving your optimal health. 


Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart

Messenger of the Plant Kingdom

The Problem:

Too many people today are mislead to follow someone else's point of view. The best guide one can search for, is one that will guide you to your heart. When we ask another person how to do this or that, this surrenders our power away to someone else to decide. That decision may not be based on your highest best interest. The journey is within rather than without.

The Solution:

When the student is ready to find wisdom from within, the teacher(s) appear and the relationship feels right. The wisdom brings a sense of awe into the seeker. Empowering those who feel guided to this work is my path and purpose. To guide you to your inner Shaman, whom you can trust, giving you the highest and best guidance for your highest best alignment with your Holy Spirit. We are here on this earth at this precious time to remember that love is the greatest healer. That is all!