Global Heart of Light Breathwork

Zoom Sacred Temple Breathwork Event

Join us monthly for 2 hours on Zoom to reconnect to your heart and surrender to what wants to be transformed. We will build a relationship with our breath for one hour. Heart of Light community assists you in remaining into the highest and best possible vibration to ride the waves of emotions surfacing in this transformative times.

The main event is our Breath where we direct our life force where the body needs it, we give ourselves permission to surrender with love what we no longer need and welcome all that is in our highest divine rights.

We align and open our hearts to love and light and connect to mother Gaia's Crystal heart.

We have much love within and surrounding us.     

Send your donation ($15 to $50) here to reserve a seat: 

Or sign on the dates below for a seat at $0.00 fee. 

Registration required to participate and reserve a seat in these events. 

Dates of Breathwork Events:

Sat Mar 13 - 2021 at 4pm PST

Sun Mar 21 - 2021 at 2pm PST

Sat April 17 - 2021 at 4pm PST

Sun April 18 - 2021 at 2pm PST

Sun May 16 - 2021 at 2pm PST