Heart of Light Breathwork

Heart of Light Breathwork

Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques. People often perform them to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During breathwork you intentionally change your breathing pattern.

As a qualified Clarity Breathwork™ practitioner, breathwork is a powerful process of healing and transformation. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness. Most of us don’t breathe fully, we hold back the breath and have been doing so most of our lives.

This practice supports healing and transformation by clearing blocked emotions through the physiological impact of controlling your breathing. Through this type of breathwork, you practice circular or continuous breathing. Through the practice, you may learn to have a greater awareness of the present moment.

This type of breathing is done using full, deep breaths without retaining the breath. Typical breathing involves a natural pause between exhale and inhale. The continuous inhales and exhales create a “circle” of breath. 

A Breathwork session refers to conscious connected breathing wherein the inhale and the exhale are actively connected without pause for a continuous period of time, usually from 45 minutes to 1 hour or longer.

For online session, you will need to have a camera set to focus on your face and chest with a good microphone. We will discuss your Health Opportunities in our first 45 min, then you will be guided into your Circular Breath for 1 hour; we will finish our session with discussion and/or home assignment to continue your healing journey.

Many have report Heart Of Light Breathwork as miraculous and life changing!

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