Peruvian Medicine

Psychedelic Plants as a bridge to Source energy.

Healing the Heart of Humanity

Welcome and thank you for your visit. If you have found this page, it is perhaps your soul and spirit guiding you to a sage place to grow and evolve. Perhaps you feel lost as to what is your purpose, you feel disconnected, depressed, and have difficulty creating deep bonds with your friends, family, and acquaintances. I hear you and I get you. I am here to create Sacred Plant Spirit Ceremonies and guide those who are called to awaken into the dept of their inner worlds. to help you find answers to the immense questions that seems unanswered.

My journey to the worlds began with working with the grandmother of all plants, a powerful intelligence of the jungle. If you are here, you already who she is: Ayahuasca. 

Starting when I was a little girl, I heard the voices of the invisible world. Worlds that many do not believe. Seeing ghosts, entities, or remnants of departed souls was normal for me. Traveling to other worlds in meditation was fun, enlightening and mysterious. I had little to no friends to share these experiences with and was often ridiculed, laughed at/or excluded in social circles because they did not see the same level of vibrations. I lived my life in the shadow, not wanting to scare anyone but I felt disconnected and very sad most of the time. However, in June 2014, I attended a Sacred ceremony with the plant medicine of the jungle which changed my life. since 2005, I could hear the plant calling me to travel to Peru, but I was not brave enough at that time. I needed to face my fears and challenges in regards to lack of and manifest what was needed to make this journey to meet here in her homeland. Instead she found a safe place for me in Vancouver, Canada.

I experienced intense journeys in recent past. In Sept 2015, I felt strong enough to accept the plant's invitation to be initiated in Peru. She helped bring everything together to allow me to begin the intense apprenticeship with the Shipibo Shaman of Peru.

I connected with powerful Master Plants over a 10 weeks period in the jungle, who guided my path of healing. I received such blessings; as though children being heard for the very first time. To this day, these powerful plants grow within me as I continue my Maestra apprentice journey.

The Plant want to connect with you in sacred space and answer your questions, raise your body's vibration into love, transcend your beliefs and TAME your EGO.

If you feel guided to partake in this amazing journey, fill in the ceremony application found here with your choice of ceremony date and we will be in touch with you. Every ceremony application is followed by a telephone interview to discuss your suitability to the medicine. 

For all new journeyers, it is recommended to plan a 2 weeks preparation before sitting in sacred space. Readying the diet and medication guideline assist in this process. To sit in Sacred Space is not a small journey, it will change your life in unimaginable ways.

Gratitude, Love & Light

Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart

Messenger of the Plant Kingdom