Plant Spirit Ceremonies Resume June 21-2020

*** We are resuming our Plant spirit Ceremonies starting June 21, 2020 ***

With COVID-19 bringing the entire world to a halt, we have opportunities to focus inward and listen to our deepest calling. Has your life provided you the wisdom to ride this storm?

As I listen inward to my own calling, I am reminded that nothing happens TO me but everything happens FOR me. This phase is all about slowing down and creating a connection to my inner voice, the great one that knows everything past-present-future. This is happening for a greater purpose that is unknown at this moment. A great cleansing of old patterns, old systems, old thoughts, and old habits. A chance to step off the merry go round wheel and chose what brings joy to me and you.

There’s no denying it—what’s happening is challenging and all-consuming. So many odd patterns are brought to the surface in unimaginable ways. Shadows of NOT good enough, not having enough and not knowing enough are shown to many and the fear of such exemplify their nature. Are you able to sit with your deepest shadows and make peace with their oldest nature. These could have been in your mental or emotional field for millennium and simply looking for a way out, a way to be transformed into yummy energies.

In a way, we’re going through something like a collective Plant Spirit Medicine ceremony, and this is the message: slow down, gain knowledge and insight, love, and transform. Hold the love vibration for yourself and others, be courageous in loving your odd patterns that have surfaced, step out of judgement and let the storm to pass. YES! this too shall pass.

As our plant spirit ceremonies are unavailable now, I and our team wanted to reach out and connect you with the wisdom of the medicine through virtual means.

If you are struggling, reach out and connect with our team. We are hear to help you feel the highest vibration into awakening you to your greatness within. So much magic and transformation is taking place right now in the world, it is truly majestic.

Looking forward to sitting in sacred space with you very soon

For those of you who have already paid for your next ceremony, no need to worry as you will have the first seat available as soon as we can come together in sacred space. We are in this together. Hold the space for your love to shine for those who are really struggling. Practice ALL the tools you have received in ceremony to keep your self in the highest vibration you can tap into.

Sending you hugs and love through the waves of the internet.

Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart

Messenger to the Plant Kingdom