Plant Spirit Ceremony May 2 – CANCELLED

One night ceremony May 2, 2020 is cancelled and postpone to a later date to be announced.

Meeting at 3 pm Saturday May 2 and closing by noon on Sunday May 3.

In order to meet and work with Grandmother medicine, it is important to prepare our body, mind and spirit. Many are served medicine without any prior knowledge of your needs and wishes, nor do they know the state of your body. Grandmother is a powerful plant intelligence that has no boundaries or limits, thus requires us to raise our vibration to meet her half way. We prepare ourselves by giving up some comfort such as food, alcohol, stimulants, two and sometimes more weeks.

A ceremony application is required, followed by a telephone interview before acceptance to partake. Directions are discussed at telephone interview and documents emailed to you to prepare you for this powerful meeting with a strong plant spirit intelligence that has no boundaries. Apply here:

Once approved to sit, information on where to send your commitment fee will be provided.

Looking forward to sitting in sacred space with you

Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart

Messenger to the Plant Kingdom