Scientific Articles

Ayahuasca as Antidepressant?
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Anthropology of Consciousness (Spring 2012, Abstract)

The therapeutic potential of harmine and ayahuasca in depression: Evidence from exploratory animal and human studies
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Vine of the Soul: A Phenomenological Study of Ayahuasca and Its Effect Upon Depression
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Reassessing the cultural and psychopharmacological significance of Banisteriopsis caapi: Preparation, classification and use among the Piaroa of Southern Venezuela
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Department of Anthropology, Archaeology and Sociology, James Cook University

MAOI Contraindications
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Dream drug or demon brew?
Lisa Melton, New Scientist (2004)

Platelet serotonin uptake sites increased in drinkers of ayahuasca
James C. Callaway, Mauno M. Airaksinen, Dennis J. McKenna, Glacus S. Brito, Charles S. Grob
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Internet Links

Ayahuasca: A New Approach to Western Medicine
Jeff Roberts, Collective Evolution (2013)

Hallucinogenic Ayahuasca Might Treat Depression
Alexandra Ossola, Popular Science (2015)

Ayahuasca, Neurogenesis and Depression
Daniel Mirante (2008)

The Ayahuasca Effect: The world’s most powerful antidepressant and psychotherapeutic agent may be a natural herbal tea
Kirby Surprise, Psy.D. (2008)

Ayahuasca: powerful Amazonian hallucinogen may permanently cure depression