Ceremony Applications

Welcome to our Ceremony application Process

The work that we do with the plant spirit medicine is deep and powerful. It requires maturity, commitment and discipline from the person wishing to partake. We want to make sure that this is the right place for YOU to attend.

Plant spirit medicine is not compatible with every health conditions, please read the medical guidelines and the dietary recommendation.

For your safety, all interested participants must go through an application process. There is limited seats available, we hold sacred space for a maximum of 12 people at one time. Please be mindful as we usually book 3-6 months in advance. ONLY apply if you strongly feel called to sit with Grandmother medicine. Many have called this a long desire coming from deep within

Your payment is required immediately after your approval to secure a seat in sacred space. This is greatly in part due to your EGO who will do everything possible to prevent you to journey within and discover answers for your spiritual journey. Don't commit unless you are serious about creating changes for yourself. You will be tested by the plant kingdom about your intention to journey with them. 

Payment method information will be sent to you via the email provided on the application. This is NOT a small journey nor the new "I want to try something new" ceremonies. These are for those who are looking to go deeper into themselves and see what is hidden that is causing harm to self.

The plants are allies to help raise humanities' vibration into love. If you have any doubt as to whether you should partake or not, then my word is DON'T. If she calls you, it is because she can help you. She is too powerful for those who are not serious about their spiritual work.

We are more than happy to speak with you via Zoom, Skype or email should you have any concerns or questions with your application.

We look forward to journeying with you in Sacred Space.

If you are a NEW JOURNEYER, please fill out the "New Ceremony Application". We will contact you shortly after to book a telephone interview

If you are a RETURN JOURNEYER, please fill out the "Return Journeyers". You will have an opportunity to advise if you wish to receive a telephone call.

Feel free to return here to share your feedback after your ceremony by filling out a "Ceremony Feedback"

We love to hear from you, do please keep in touch.

Blessings, much love

Maestra Laynah