Return Journeyers

Welcome back strong journeyers of inner worlds. For those who have already journeyed, simply choose desired ceremony date, update your health information and send in your commitment fee.

Return Journeyers Application

  • For those who have journeyed with Maestra Laynah before may use this form to reserve a seat at a Plant spirit Ceremony.
  • 2021 Ceremony dates are: Jun 11-14 (Women Only), Jul 9-12 (3 days Mixed) Aug 13-24 29 (12 days Retreat) Check Ceremony Calendar for updates
  • Format (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • You must be of legal age to participate in these ceremonies or have a signed consent form from your legal guardians
  • Someone close to you or available during the time of your ceremony should an emergency happen.
  • Format (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • If you do not remember the exact date, simply give an approximate so that I can find your original application.
  • “It is important to formulate an intention when journeying with Plant Spirit Medicine as a point of focus for your preparation for the journey. But it's also important to distinguish between intention and expectations, because the way to your intention is, most likely, not through achieving your expectations, because your expectations are largely part of your consciousness and so much of what Ayahuasca is, relates to your subconscious and that which is even greater or outside of us, which your consciousness knows nothing about. In fact, you can achieve your intention, even though it does not feel as if you have, because what you experienced was part of some necessary preparatory healing or because you received a precise but indirect answer”. A good intention is like having a map for reaching the wisdom that will help you in your healing journey. Please be specific with a realistic Intention. You do not get into your car and drive without a destination in mind. Intention is the direction of your journey.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation email that your form has been received, it is more and likely that you missed one item in the form. Once your application has been Received, we will call you to complete your telephone interview. This process is not immediate and can take up to a week or more. Please DO NOT make travel arrangements until you have been approved. Please note, your space is not confirmed until you have made your deposit. Your payment MUST be received within 7 days from your application approval, otherwise you will need to re-apply when you are ready to sit in sacred space. Should you face any medical challenges in attending the ceremony you have purchased, we will gladly offer you to sit in another one. There is no refunds.