3 Day Ayahuasca Plant Spirit Retreat – Mixed

The theme is “Divine Heart” and what it means to be an “awakened” person. In our culture where we are expected to suppress our emotions, wear masks, carefully weight our words and at times, suffer from feelings of alienation, loneliness and disconnectedness from our friends, children and co-workers, and where we have little encouragement to find ways to heal from childhood trauma, positive change is vital. Opening our hearts to our divine connection is much needed in todays spiritual transformation.

This plant medicine retreat will help clear genetic toxicities inherited from past generations, and release suppressed anger and other hidden emotions. It will help us to deal with issues surrounding intimacy, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

It will help participants to feel emotions instead of suppress them, nourish connection with others, and will help to bring understanding and wisdom from each and everyone’s core.

We will journey into our souls with the help of Grandmother Medicine.” to remember our authentic self

Life can be better, but only with help, work, and insight into one’s self. We are here to walk each other's home, in the land of our heart connected to everything and the great one.

Deadline to participate is one month prior to your chosen date of retreat; no time to waste.

Your commitment fee is $888 to $1111 (We are keeping the price the same even though medicine price has increased)

***No one is ever declined medicine based on money. Reach out if you feel called but cannot fully afford and let me know how I may serve you.*** 

Your journey in the energy worlds begin once you commit to work with Grandmother medicine.

Please dedicate a journal and some time to contemplate on what is coming up for you. 

We make the journey deep in the embrace of nature on a mountainside with support from strong people who have learned to open their own Divine Hearts. Join us, and join life.

If you feel the called to journey deep within yourself, now is your time to step up and begin your life. There will be 2 grandmother medicine, heart opening medicine, meditation, breath-work movement and more.

There are 10- 12 persons who hear the call to partake in this powerful retreat each year.  

2022 Retreat Dates

August 12-15, 2022

3 Day Plant Spirit Retreat - Mixed

Okanagan region, BC

3 Seats Available (10)

August 19-22, 2022

3 Day Plant Spirit Retreat - Mixed

Okanagan region, BC

7 Seats Available (10)

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