Plant Spirit Ceremony May 2

One night ceremony May 2, 2020.

Meeting at 3 pm Saturday May 2 and closing by noon on Sunday May 3.

In order to meet and work with Grandmother medicine, it is important to prepare our body, mind and spirit. Many are served medicine without any prior knowledge of your needs and wishes, nor do they know the state of your body. Grandmother is a powerful plant intelligence that has no boundaries or limits, thus requires us to raise our vibration to meet her half way. We prepare ourselves by giving up some comfort such as food, alcohol, stimulants, two and sometimes more weeks.

A ceremony application is required, followed by a telephone interview before acceptance to partake. Directions are discussed at telephone interview and documents emailed to you to prepare you for this powerful meeting with a strong plant spirit intelligence that has no boundaries. Apply here:

Once approved to sit, information on where to send your commitment fee will be provided.

Looking forward to sitting in sacred space with you

Maestra Laynah

Shaman of the Heart

Messenger to the Plant Kingdom

Women’s Plant Spirit ceremony (May 15 to 18, 2020)

October 17, 2019

Women have suffered abuse by cultural programming, societal judgement, and sexual affronts that has robbed them of their true Divine Feminine power of creator, nurturer, supporter and visionary leaving them with a feeling of emptiness, distrust in the world and the universe.

Our theme for the retreat is “Divine Womb” Cleansing genetic toxicities and releasing cultural programming and reclaiming the power of your yoni. We look at our relationship with the women of our ancestral lineage and help deep wounds not from this timeline. This is deep healing work from the inside and out.

There are 12 women who hears the call to partake in this powerful retreat.

Deadline to apply is April 15, 2020. Cost of this amazing experience is $750.

Do you feel the call to reclaim your power? The Women ceremony from long weekend of May has awakened powerful strong women to their inner core and reclaimed their power. It is life changing experience. Is it time for you to remember? YES It is…………

There are ONLY 12 seats available for these powerful 3 day retreats.

Apply here:

Men’s Plant Spirit ceremony (July 24 to 27, 2020)

Men’s Plant Spirit Ceremony Retreat. The theme is “Divine Heart” and what it means to be an “awakened” man. In our culture where men are expected to suppress emotions, and as a result suffer from feelings of alienation, loneliness and disconnectedness from wives, children and others, and have little encouragement to find ways to heal from childhood trauma, positive change is vital .

This plant medicine ceremony will help clear genetic toxicities inherited from past generations, and release suppressed anger and other hidden emotions. It will help men to deal with issues surrounding intimacy, sexuality, anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

It will help participants to feel emotions instead of suppress them, nourish connection with others, and will help to bring understanding and wisdom from each man’s core.

A dozen men will journey into their their souls with the help of Grandmother Medicine.” Men, to varying degrees, feel lost and disconnected, unable to create deep relationships and intimacy.

Life can be better, but only with help, work, and insight into one’s self. This is the purpose of the Men’s’ Retreat. Your commitment fee is $750

We make the journey deep in the embrace of nature on a mountainside with support from strong women who have learned to open their own Divine Hearts. Join us, and join life.

Deadline to apply is June 24; no time to waste.

If you feel the call to journey deep within yourself, now is your time to step up and begin your life.

Apply here: or


Hello world!

You are never alone even if you think so. Look around, there is magic in this world. There is much soul suffering happening all over the world. When one vibrates at a lower frequency, it is difficult to see the beauty around you, to hear all of the synchronicity coming your way, it is as if, some people are stuck in the mud and cannot move.

I have been there at one point in my life, where life appears gloomy and it will never get better. I get it, life is a bit rocky for many. One thing is for sure, the world is in great change. Many are waking up and wanting to create a better world and that is super amazing the new waves of change happening right now.

Never give up, keep looking at the sky for sunshine rather then down in the mud. The people coming my way are looking for hope, hope that things are going to be better for them, that the pain will one day stop. I know that everything eventually changes, the sunshine comes after the storm, the rain is needed to water plants and soil. Nothing happens for no reasons. What are you learning from where you are right now? You graduated from high school, college or university, however, the learning never stop because life is a big school that you only graduate when you leave your body. So what are you learning right now? What have you resisted? What are your emotions telling you? Are you paying attention to what you are doing? What you are saying?

You are here, living this life, at this present moment because you matter, you have wisdom that is needed, you are gifted in your unique ways. Are you courageous to live your life and defy the boundaries or limitations that keeps you stuck into suffering? If anything is possible, what would you like to live? BeYOU – live life fully, let go the programming of your parents, your peers, your friends and go within to hear the small voices of your greatness and be free. You are very much loved and appreciated. There is magic in this world.