Grandmother Ceremonies 2022

Traveling around with the medicine wherever she is needed. Check out the Ceremony Calendar for our offerings.

Gathering together in Sacred Space

Bringing source energies in human form. Living life in synergy with the Holy Spirit

What we do

Plant Spirit Ceremonies with grandmother medicine 

Adapting and sharing South America's Shipibo's traditional teachings to the Western world. Grandmother medicine, who seeded herself in the Peruvian jungle, has called human plant helpers to spread her essence and vibration across the globe for a higher awakening purpose. She is an ally to raise those, feeling called to meet her, closer to source energies. The Shipibo plant medicine tradition employed during our work allows participants to take greater control of their lives, their thoughts, their actions, and their overall health.


Grandmother is powerful medicine that requires us to prepare and raise our vibration to meet her. A minimum of 7 days preparation (or longer) is recommended for new journeyers before attending a ceremony. Those on medications may need more preparation time. Please read "How to prepare" diet and medication guidelines.


Gathering together in sacred space to drink her essence and journey deep within our hearts to remember the truth. This medicine is not another kick to try, nor will the plants heal you. However, she will guide you to your own wisdom. It is a journeying deep within your heart to see what you hide from yourself. Please check out our Blog for ceremonies and retreats.


Integrating one's journey to decipher the message given by the plants. There are many facets to incorporate the wisdom you receive from your journey. Integration tools are discussed the morning after. Our team is available to support you in your journey. Please visit our "Integration" support page for available support. 

Sacred Work 

Ceremony Preparation

Psychedelic Plants as a bridge to Source Energy

Healing the heart of humanity

Welcome and thank you for your visit. If you have found this page, it is perhaps your soul and spirit guiding you to a safe place to grow and evolve. Perhaps you feel lost as to what is your purpose, you feel disconnected, depressed, and have difficulty creating deep bonds with your friends, family, and acquaintances. I hear you and I get you. I am here to create Sacred Plant Spirit Ceremonies and guide those who are called to awaken into the dept of their inner worlds. To help you find answers to the immense questions that seems unanswered. Read more:

Diet Preparation

food as primary medicine that promotes or destroy health

Whether you are suffering from chronic illnesses or preparing for a Spiritual Ceremony, the following General Diet Recommendations is very helpful in enjoying a favorable connection to plant medicine. These restrictions on your part will show your commitment to the plant kingdom and they will be more then happy to share their wisdom and earthly gifts with you.

The following may seen very difficult to follow for Westerners, however I can vouch from my own experience, the healing and cleansing are absolutely helpful and your body will thank you with enormous amount of energy and vitality. Read more:

Medical Guidelines

FOOD, pharmacology and meds can interfere with chemistry of ayahuasca

The traditional Amazonian shamanic plant medicine are very powerful allies in restoring harmonious balance within your body systems. They want to create aliveness and thus some of them clear any blockages or toxins in very unusual ways. Personally, I have worked with various plants which have literally kicked my butt. I consider myself quite healthy, nevertheless, the plants will clear any potential harmful toxins whether known or unknown. The medicinal plants we use, including but not limited to Ayahuasca are biochemically and energetically very powerful and do not mix well with certain substances. They work with your body holistically to restore health. Holism or holistic treatment involves treating the body as a whole, including the mind and spirit as well as take into account your diet, the lifestyle, the environment and the circumstances in which that body operates. It also recognizes and works with the two-way interaction between the body and its environment. This is why we take great care in asking and understand your journey to minimize any risks to you while you journey with these powerful allies. Everything you ingest may or may not have an interaction with the plant medicine, if unsure, simply ask. Read more:

Integration Support

anchoring plant ceremony wisdom into life

Integration is a very important part of anchoring the wisdom your receive in your journey deep within yourself. Integration can involve emotional and spiritual support before and after a Plant Spirit Medicine Ceremony (ies), as well as support to understand and incorporate teachings into day-to-day life. Both the person’s capacity for integration of the experience and the support for such integration can have an important influence on outcomes. For example, the integration process can heighten the positive effects of your ceremony, and it can make the difference between the unnecessary suffering of a so-called “bad trip” and a worthwhile experience that is both challenging and healing. There are also particular challenges faced by Westerners that make the need for integration all the more compelling. The good news is that more and more drinkers are seeking out this kind of support. Read more:

Plant Spirit Medicine Dieta

DEVELOPING relationship with plant spirit

The plant Dieta is at the core of all Shipibo healing practices. The Dieta is a way in which one becomes open to receive the knowledge and healing of the sacred plants known as master plants. The Dieta is a way in which one becomes open to receive the knowledge and healing of the sacred plants known as master plants. Read more: 

Heart of Light Breathwork

breathwork as a POWERFUL MODALITY to restore health and life force

Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques. People often perform them to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. During breathwork you intentionally change your breathing pattern.

As a qualified Clarity Breathwork™ practitioner, breathwork is a powerful process of healing and transformation. It deeply supports the clearing away of old energies, patterns, conditioning, negative thoughts and emotions and opens the doors wide for new life and greater consciousness. Most of us don’t breathe fully, we hold back the breath and have been doing so most of our lives.

Read more here: 

why we do it

We’ve been there

Feeling anxious, angry, lost and disconnected from your purpose are the feelings many westerners feel in this transformation time. Gathering together to journey deep within our hearts and remember that we are not separate from source. Humans are very much loved and supported by unconditional love. Mental and emotional stories keep you in lower frequencies in a world that is transforming. Joining with people of liked mind is essential to feel the vibration shift. Learning to manage your energies, modifying belief systems that no longer fit your path and purpose and bringing more love frequency into your physical form. There is magic in the world. 

Time to  awaken into your greatness

This time in history marks a huge earth awakening as to what is true and false. This is a moment to choose what your life is meant to be. A life guided by Spirit, filled with love and connected to Divine Essence. So many feel stuck in the murkiness of this 3D earthly realm. Earth vibration is created from cultural projection, mental thought based on lack, power struggles, suffrage, wars, disconnected from higher worlds, suicidal ideas, lack of heart connected. Remember that you are source energy into a human form bringing love to this world. 


What our clients say about this work

There are many things to feel uncertain about before journeying with ayahuasca for the first time. But working with Laynah and her team of caring facilitators has shown me that I can relax and trust the process as well as myself, and that I have nothing to fear where I am safe, protected, and loved. Laynah is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive, and in all of my ceremonies I have felt very cared for.

Alison - BC

I didn't realize that such a big shift could come from one session. Breath, an act of taking in Life on all levels. I'm beyond grateful to Laynah for the loving space and guidance given. I feel like this is truly the first step in breaking through to the Life I've always yearned for, one of freedom and authenticity, and the deepest Love. Let the Great Work begin.

Maria  - Vancouver Island, BC


One Night Ceremony
$ 333 - $555

One night ceremony includes: Telephone interview, preparation guidelines, documentation for setting intention and managing energy field, Icaros, ceremony with grandmother medicine, ceremonial teachings such as Mapacho, Agua de Florida, and pomade, breakfast, morning after integration discussion.

Applications are followed by a telephone interview

3 Day Retreat
$888 - $1111

Meeting and gathering on the land for 3 days. Included in this retreat: Retreat participants spend a total of 3 days in nature and attend 2 ayahuasca ceremonies led by the Maestra Laynah. In addition to the ayahuasca ceremonies, participants also receive a wide variety of plant knowledge and information to  awaken & nurture the mind, body, and spirit. 

Applications are followed by a telephone interview

12 Day Retreat

Gathering and meeting on the land Participants spend a total of 12 days/11nights in nature and attend 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies led by the Maestra Laynah. In addition to the ayahuasca ceremonies, participants also receive a wide variety of plant knowledge, lectures and lessons to maintain, awaken & nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Applications are followed by a telephone interview

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